Consulting Services

Real Estate for Charities offers a full range of advisory functions regarding every aspect of the processes involved when donating real estate. A combined knowledge of real estate, tax law, 501(c)3 charities and estate planning, enables Real Estate for Charities to provide premiere consultation to corporations and charities, alike.

In addition to typical consulting services, Real Estate for Charities can advise on the disposition of real estate that is environmentally impacted (i.e. brownfields: property with actual or perceived contamination). By providing practical assistance and technical support for site assessment, remediation planning and regulatory facilitation, Real Estate for Charities can advise clients about how to make a problem into an opportunity.

Furthermore, Real Estate for Charities can advise non-profits about how to safely accept debt-encumbered properties. By utilizing real estate investment trusts (REITs), the risks and issues that typically arise when debt-encumbered property is transferred directly to the non-profit, can be eliminated.

• Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation
• Training in 501(c)3 charities
• Memberships in planned giving councils
• Sensitivity to trust issues
• Strong relationships with many affiliated experts

Menu of Consulting Services

  1. Advise charities on issues surrounding donations of real estate
  2. Help donors facilitate their gift of real estate to charities
  3. Provide a network of real estate agents, engineers, title companies and other professionals supporting the transfer of property across the country
  4. Support efforts to donate international properties by US citizens and corporations
  5. Support fundraising efforts through printed material, speeches and acting as a member of team with donors
  6. Link strategic alliance partners into the process so the donor/charity gets a full range of services
  7. Commit to acting as a single agent in any transaction
  8. When referrals are requested we will provide three professional names in each discipline from which lists the client may choose the best fit for their purposes
  9. Lease, sale and purchasing representation
  10. Market evaluation on most real estate types and strategy for asset protection
  11. Joint venture renovations and investor capitalization