“Real Estate and Charitable Giving” 
David Milstead  |  Wells Fargo Conversations (Updated November 2016)
Wells Fargo specialists discuss strategies that blend charitable giving and your portfolio of real estate assets.

“How Your Real Estate Assets Can Provide a Big Payoff to Charity” 
Harvey S. Jacobs  |  The Washington Post (May 9, 2016)
Giving away property can be tricky if not done correctly. There are several strategies for giving your property away and obtaining beneficial tax treatment.

“Sweet Spot for S.E.C.’s Consulting Expertise” 
Chase V. Magnuson, CCIM  |  S.E.C. Real Estate Observer (Summer 2014)
The charitable world is turning its attention to the use of real estate donations to meet its fundraising goals. At every level, S.E.C. consulting services become an important element in these gifting arrangements. Corporations donate surplus property to obtain a large charitable tax deduction. Individuals use several types of arrangements to meet their philanthropic wishes.

“Here’s How to Solve Planned Real Estate Gift Conundrums” 
Chase V. Magnuson, CCIM  |  CIRE Magazine (May/June 2014)
A tremendous opportunity exists for commercial real estate agents to produce additional income and public relations benefits by providing professional services to some of the 1.6 million U.S. public charities.

“Gifting for Good” 
Cheryl Winokur Munk  | Valuation (1Q 2014)
“Opportunity Knocks” by Chase V. Magnuson  | There are numerous ways that appraisers who are interested in performing real estate donation appraisals can participate.

“A Prearranged Sale Dilemma—and the solution.” 
Chase V. Magnuson & Dennis Haber  |  (Spring 2014) 

“A Solution to a Pre-Arranged Sale Dilemma”
Chase V. Magnuson, CCIM & Allen Thompson, JD, CAP  | Appeared at  (January 30, 2014) All too often a pre-arranged sale arises with donors, and there does not seem to be an easy solution. Chase and Allen provide a solution, in the form of a like-kind exchange.

“February Commercial News Briefs: Do Well by Doing Good”
Mariwyn Evans  |  Donating a commercial property is a great tax strategy for an investor with high appreciation and a low basis, but it can also be a profitable transaction for a real estate pro, says Chase Magnuson, director of planned giving for real estate at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  Appeared in Realtor Magazine (February 2011)

“A Guide to Giving”
Chase V. Magnuson  |  How can CCIMs assist the charitable community? Appeared in Commercial Investment Real Estate (Jan/Feb 2011)

“Giving to Charity, Through Real Estate”

Vivian Marino  |  The financial benefits of donating real estate. Appeared New York Times (11/11/07)

“Considering Gift of Real Estate?”
Marilyn Kennedy Melia, Special to the Chicago Tribune  |  More charities are asking people to consider the roof over their heads as a possible gift. Appeared Chicago Tribune (12/1/02)

“New Service Providers Enter the Charitable World”
Chase V. Magnuson  |  Donors and charities may not be aware of new “service providers” entering the non-profit world to help solve difficult issues surrounding donations of real estate. (6/02)

“Charitable Giving: Gifts of Real Estate”
Chase V. Magnuson  |  As the Federal government has announced reductions in support to public charities have to explore new areas of fund raising. Appeared in the San Diego Public Transcript (8-5-02)