Training Seminars for Professionals

Real Estate for Charities, offers training seminars for professionals in the corporate, as well as the charitable sector. These presentations are intended to provide insights into how charities and corporations can benefit and profit from the charitable donation of real estate.

Corporate presentations will demonstrate concepts such as the advantage of donating nonproductive real estate to a Charitable Remainder Trust that could fund executive incentive packages or employee benefit programs.

Charitable presentations will demonstrate concepts such as the benefit of accepting real estate donations, even when sophisticated transactions are required. With the help of various professional teams that are committed to the charitable sector, real estate donations that were previously disregarded as “too complex” can be accepted.

These training seminars cover topics such as:
• Exploring new opportunities for donating real estate
• Profile of Donation Programs
• Benefits to individual and corporate donors
• Real Property issues
• Types of Real Property
• Case Studies of Donated Properties
• Creative Solutions to Liquidation

Additionally, there are courses that cover industry trends involving repossessed properties, 1031 exchanges, and liquidation of properties donated to charities.

For further information about scheduling a seminar, please call us at 714-815-8889 or e-mail